Measurement Technology - Persotech

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Our focal points in measurement technology are:



  • Digitalization
  • Initial sampling
  • FaroArm
  • Reverse engineering
  • Free form measurement
  • Contract measurement
  • Measurements against a CAD data set
  • Offline programming
  • Providing measurement technicians
  • 2-D measurement technology
  • 3-D measurement technology


Whether it's cogwheels for watches or van chassis, we will carry out all measurement technology tasks for you. From standard measurements up to complicated initial samples including a collection and delivery service.


Using our mobile FaroArms with a measurement volume of up to Ø 3000 mm, measurements on your premises are no problem.


And if you've got your own equipment but have a manpower shortage, we'll carry out all the work on your premises – from the incoming goods inspection to programming your 3-D measurement machine.